“There are no closer links between human beings than mutually wanted, initiated and implemented undertakings.”

This statement made by Leopold von Ranke is more than readily followed by Braun.

Whether young or old, at home, during our leisure time or when working – what would we be without a strong community?

In this context, Braun have been supporting the “Sozialkultureller Arbeitskreis e.V.” (~ Socio-Cultural Working Group) in Münster for many years now the members of which have made bringing together old people time and again on several occasions their task in order to spend together some entertaining and happy moments.

Where else if not in an association do young people learn what community means. Planning and attending common events, training together with others, successfully dealing with victory or defeat, and many things more … The “Reit- und Fahrverein” (~ Riding and Driving Association) Ostbevern is an example for such an association where great importance is attached to promotion of young people and where many members remain to be members until reaching a ripe old age.

The activities within this association are regularly supported by Braun who carry out the events in the framework of the great summer tournament.