Special designs

Special applications require special bearing solutions

Depending on special ambient and operating conditions we are quite frequently concerned with the individual task to develop appropriateĀ individual and feasible proposals for solution.

Examples include bearings with deviating geometric dimensions, bearings made from special materials (different types of stainless steal, ceramics, modern high-performance synthetic materials), bearings requiring special heat treatments, special coatings, etc.In this context, the reliable lubrication is of considerable importance.

Thanks to the use of innovative lubricants combined with new materials, it is often possible to increase performance to a remarkable degree.

This forms the basis for the realisation of better solutions for numerous operating conditions such as extreme temperatures, aggressive media, dust, dirt, clean rooms, vacuum, oscillations, sharp acceleration, current passage, corrosion, friction and wear.

Typical fields of application include the following:

  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Packaging machines
  • Motive power engineering
  • Aerospace industry
  • Special engineering
  • Fine mechanics
  • Automation and robot technology
  • Wind and solar power technology
  • Printing techniques
  • Military engineering
  • Measuring technique
  • Wood-working
  • Machine tools
  • Automotive engineering

Due to our long-term experience, NBR customers obtain feasible solutions at cost-effective terms.

Eventually, our short delivery periods, excellent technical guidance and personal points of contact make the special solution become your successful solution.