Quality management

“Anyone who stops getting better, has stopped to be good.” (Philip Rosenthal)

This is why an extract from our quality policy reads:

“Quality is equal to meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers in such a manner that satisfied customers become and remain permanent customers of the company.

In this context, our target is to constantly improve in terms of achieving customer satisfaction by adhering to relevant regulations for the preservation environment and resources as well as to optimise the economic results.

Every individual employee will contribute to quality assurance by obliging himself to plan, control, monitor and improve all organisational, commercial and technical activities bearing on our quality.”

In 1995, Braun developed a QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9002:1994 which the company had permanently certified.

As a logical consequence the quality management system was further developed and revised over the years and now is certified again to the latest state of the standard, namely DIN ISO EN 9001:2015.

However, Braun have gone the extra mile in order to achieve their self-defined goals with respect to customer focus, increasing customer satisfaction and improvement of processes going far beyond standard requirements and have introduced a management tool (the company cockpit) which includes and constantly optimises all corporate divisions.

To be and remain to be a reliable partner for our customers.