Braun scored the highest credit rating index

As part of the credit assessment of German companies Braun received the highest rating “1” by the rating agency Hoppenstedt which today calls Bisnode. So Braun is one of the 3.3% of the top rated companies.

Bisnode judges credit and risk potential on the basis of available financial information and payment history.

That means a maximum security in a reliable business partner for customers and suppliers.

“One of our most important guiding principle is to finance our growth on its own, with a healthy capital structure, which also tolerates even a wind from the front,” says Robert Braun, managing partner, “thus the award of Bisnode reflects what lies us at heart, and what we take care for many years. “

Braun receives attestation of "eligible" (notenbankfähig)

The German Bundesbank as examined the creditworthiness of the Braun-Group and granted the eligibility (Notenbankfähigkeit)!